Our History

Because we do it right

Founded in 2014, the team at Gas Africa bring years of experience and proven excellence in using the latest technological developments to produce and supply Medical, Industrial and Domestic gases of a superior quality – recognized by the ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems
Having started with an Oxygen plant, with the support of our loyal customers and promoters, we have been able to increase our offering to include other gases including Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide and Argon, as well as engage in engineering services such as the installation of Medical Gas Piping Systems
Gas Africa is continuously evolving its model by focusing on striking value adding strategic alliances with private and government organizations to serve its end consumers in the most efficient and cost effective manner
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Gases Available Purity
Medical Oxygen / ABO 99.50%
Medical Air 80:20 Mix
Nitrous Oxide >99%
Medical Carbon Dioxide 99.90%
Liquid Nitrogen 99.99%
Industrial Oxygen 99.50%
Compressed Air 80:20 Mix
Acetylene >99.70%
Argon 99.99%
Argoshield 80:20 Mix
Nitrogen 99.50%
Liquified Petroleum Gas 80:20 Mix


Supporting private and public facilities is at the very core of Gas Africa. Medical gases and accessories are available to serve your patients’ needs 


We provide high-quality medical accessories, including oxygen regulators and home care kits, for reliable, and safe delivery of healthcare to patients 


Industrial gases, including Oxygen and Acetylene, used in the cutting of metal are essential across the Steel and Fabrication sector