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Industrial Oxygen

Because we do it right

Oxygen, which is essential to life, is found naturally occurring as 21% of the earth's atmosphere. Whilst it is not flammable in itself, it does support and accelerate combustion
This gas has numerous uses across various industries, including steel manufacturing and fabrication, where it is typically used to support Oxy-fuel cutting operations
Customers can be assured that the purity is of the required industrial grade, at no less than 99.5%, ensuring the cleanest and most economical cutting and welding
Gas Africa has become a trusted name amongst the industrial gas suppliers in the East Africa region delivering quality Industrial Oxygen to the door
If there are any turnkey projects that require other industrial gases along with Oxygen, Request quotation or email us at [email protected] and we shall be happy to serve your needs

Cylinder Handling And Storage
- Adhere to statutory regulations
- Keep cylinders in a vertical position
- Secure cylinders in transit, storage
- Prohibit smoking in storage spaces
- Store cylinders away from flammables
- Separate full and empty cylinders
- Keep emergency exits clear of cylinders
- Protect cylinders from damp / wet ground
- Inspect cylinders for damages / leakages
- Use warning signs in storage areas
- Give adequate but restricted access to storage
- Store cylinders in ventilated areas


Supporting private and public facilities is at the very core of Gas Africa. Medical gases and accessories are available to serve your patients’ needs 


We provide high-quality medical accessories, including oxygen regulators and home care kits, for reliable, and safe delivery of healthcare to patients 


Industrial gases, including Oxygen and Acetylene, used in the cutting of metal are essential across the Steel and Fabrication sector