Social Responsibilities

Because we do it right

Gas Africa approaches its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy with the intent to make sustainable improvements to the environment, and positive contributions to local communities through contributions in time and resources in the promotion of health and wellbeing through various community-based initiatives such as donations of food, water supply, sponsorship of educational facilities as well as local sports teams in a bid to positively impact the lives of the people of today in creating a better tomorrow

Given our commitment to the community, the sustainability of the environment in which we inhabit remains at the forefront of our CSR strategy and we continue to build on the progress made in the previous years, through our quarterly activities, including efforts to conserve the environment via the plantation and management of indigenous tree species, alongside the promotion of eco-friendly day-to-day operations targeting minimum carbon footprint

Gas Africa invites any individuals, groups, or NGO’s to approach it with ideas for how we can all do something for the greater benefit of society and the ecosystem. Alternatively, should you wish to be part of any initiatives that Gas Africa is involved with, please contact us at [email protected]

Gas Africa is thrilled to have supported team AK44 at Rhino Charge 2023 - an electrifying off-road event that pushed the limits of adventure and conservation
The Gas Africa team, in collaboration with Restoring Dignity Korogocho, was glad to serve and support the vulnerable in the Korogocho community. On this special initiative, we were delighted to make food donations and spend time with the vulnerable members of the community. This initiative reflects our dedication to giving back and making a positive impact in the communities we serve
Bamba, Kilifi county, was the destination point for us and many other contributors towards water and food efforts during sustained and severe droughts. Gas Africa contributed with free water to locals from surrounding villages. Seeing that residents walk over 20km for food and water, we are hopeful that more awareness can be made about the plight of the region to improve the lives of those affected
Gas Africa in partnership with ISKCON (Food For Life) visited kids at Korogocho. Spread love by making donations to feed more kids. Talk to us
We visited Sancta Maria Mukuru Kayaba Primary school with uniforms and food donations
Gas Africa takes part in the 2020 cricket tournament by sponsoring a local team, Delta Force XI to the finals
Enjoying great times with friends at St Francis of Assisi children’s home. Looking forward to our next visit
Kids showcasing acrobatics at a Gas Africa community engagement event