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This shielding industrial gas, typically made up of 80% Argon and 20% Carbon Dioxide, is used predominantly in mig-welding – offering a high-speed option for the welding of Carbon and low-alloy steel
Argoshield produces low heat input and narrow weld beads
Given this and the benefits of improved penetration and strong flat weld fusions – both leading to reduced rejections – the overall production costs are significantly lowered to Gas Africa’s consumers
Typical applications for Argoshield include:
- General fabrication
- Light to medium plate fabrication
- Pipe and tube joining
- Welding of pressure vessels and boilers
Gas Africa is also able to supply various mixtures including 90:10 of Argon to Carbon Dioxide. Request quotation or email us at

Cylinder Handling And Storage
- Adhere to statutory regulations
- Keep cylinders in a vertical position
- Secure cylinders in transit, storage
- Prohibit smoking in storage spaces
- Store cylinders away from flammables
- Separate full and empty cylinders
- Keep emergency exits clear of cylinders
- Protect cylinders from damp / wet ground
- Inspect cylinders for damages / leakages
- Use warning signs in storage areas
- Give adequate but restricted access to storage
- Store cylinders in ventilated areas


Supporting private and public facilities is at the very core of Gas Africa. Medical gases and accessories are available to serve your patients’ needs 


Industrial gases, including Oxygen and Acetylene, used in the cutting of metal is essential across the Steel and Fabrication sector


Cooking gas is becoming more prevalent as a fuel source. Gas Africa ensure direct supply to the home with assured quality and convenience