SHEQ Strategy

Because we do it right

The focus Gas Africa places on health and safety in the workplace, through continuous training on operational practices in and around the production facility as well as in the field at customers’ sites, all go towards ensuring all employees and customers are protected at all times
Management are proud to be promoters of an environmentally friendly company that extracts the vast majority of its raw material from atmospheric air
As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, customers can rest assured that Gas Africa, through its standardized systematic approach, will only provide the best in gas purity, pressures, and delivery
Gas Africa also provides guides for Safe Cylinder Handling through the website and social media posts as well as to customers directly
Covid-19 has meant that our standards have developed to include the disinfecting of each cylinder 

Gases Available Purity
Medical Oxygen / ABO 99.50%
Medical Air 80:20 Mix
Nitrous Oxide >99%
Medical Carbon Dioxide 99.90%
Liquid Nitrogen 99.99%
Industrial Oxygen 99.50%
Compressed Air 80:20 Mix
Acetylene >99.70%
Argon 99.99%
Argoshield 80:20 Mix
Nitrogen 99.50%
Liquified Petroleum Gas 80:20 Mix


Supporting private and public facilities is at the very core of Gas Africa. Medical gases and accessories are available to serve your patients’ needs 


We provide high-quality medical accessories, including oxygen regulators and home care kits, for reliable, and safe delivery of healthcare to patients 


Industrial gases, including Oxygen and Acetylene, used in the cutting of metal are essential across the Steel and Fabrication sector