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Gas Africa management felt it was so important to be in communication and dialogue with our key stakeholders regarding recent developments within the company, the industry, movements in the local or international markets and how the same are filtering downstream and impacting us all

This platform shall provide a short extract ‘From the Directors Desk’ where the MD shall discuss the quarters’ key highlights as well ‘Q-Focus’ – a section to announce new products, look at specific existing lines and other key aspects surrounding Gas Africa

You will get to here from key management, read some interesting facts and figures and keep posted on our ongoing community support

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Gases Available Purity
Medical Oxygen / ABO 99.50%
Medical Air 80:20 Mix
Nitrous Oxide >99%
Medical Carbon Dioxide 99.90%
Liquid Nitrogen 99.99%
Industrial Oxygen 99.50%
Compressed Air 80:20 Mix
Acetylene >99.70%
Argon 99.99%
Argoshield 80:20 Mix
Nitrogen 99.50%
Liquified Petroleum Gas 80:20 Mix


Supporting private and public facilities is at the very core of Gas Africa. Medical gases and accessories are available to serve your patients’ needs 


Industrial gases, including Oxygen and Acetylene, used in the cutting of metal is essential across the Steel and Fabrication sector


Cooking gas is becoming more prevalent as a fuel source. Gas Africa ensure direct supply to the home with assured quality and convenience